Friday, November 21, 2008

Counter Hit Focus Attack

The CPU Blanka was charging up his lvl3 FA. I was just mashing on Guile's far s.fierce. My s.fierce traded with Blanka's FA and caused me to crumple over and knock blanka out of his FA animation. Normally you have to dash cancel this. After he got knocked out, he jumped in with rh kick and hit me during the crumple for a 2-hit combo. Normally you cant combo a jump attack after a FA.

Looks like combo video material to me. So here's the idea...

Lvl3 FA(trade) > j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > Lvl2 FA > dash > f+rh > c.strong > SB > backfist (537dmg/845 stun) <--not quite enough to stun akuma

Lvl2 FA > df+rh is harder to do for some reason than Lvl3 FA > df+rh

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