Friday, November 14, 2008

Bright Idea

Maybe guile can c.forward > f+strong chain but kara cancel the f+strong into a special/super/whatever.

Guile can do s.jab(close) > s.jab > s.fierce(far) > s.fierce(far) to gief after green hand

random combos to try

FA > backbreaker
this only works with guile's backbreaker, not his other air throw. Very strange that this works.
See what other cool stuff you can do off the anti-air FA

from fullscreen SB > dash 3x > f+rh > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > super > ultra

c.jab(ch) > s.fierce(far) > super

c.strong(ch) > c.strong > SB > FADC > ?

lvl3 FA > airthrow <--try doing the super low airthrow first. Add this to the 2nd FA in a combo

j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > FADC > df+rh > EX FK > ultra?

FA in the corner > dash back > SB > wiff knee?

early anti-air FK > ultra

trade FK > EX SB or EX FK

trade anti-air EX SB > EX SB or EX FK ?

close rh(ch) > s.jab > s.fierce?
close fierce(ch) > far s.fierce > far s.fierce (you can only do 2 fierces)
far s.fierce(ch) > c.rh or backfist or bazooka knee (i got knee bazooka to combo)
close jab(ch) > close rh or c.rh (doesn't work)
close f+rh(ch) > anything (yeah, this works. Need to figure out what I want to do)
f+strong(ch) > close jab (couldn't get it to work, it should work in theory)

So I tested out c.jab > s.jab(close) > s.fierce(far) > s.fierce(far) on everyone this evening. It's an awesome combo. Here's the characters you can do it on...
chun li
guile(on crossup)
vega(on crossup)
balrog(on crossup)
blanka(on crossup)

I couldn't get it to work on the shotos and viper cause of their small sprites. I'm having trouble getting it to work on fuerte/honda because their sprite is wierd. Guile can actually do c.jab > s.jab(close) > s.fierce(close). Guile doesn't get push as far away on these characters during the combo it seems. It's really because you can stand closer to these characters than the others. I noticed on fuerte/honda/bison that you could stand really close to them. So on these three characters, guile should be able to do things like c.jab > s.jab > s.fierce > SB > backfist

here's 2 silly combos that I might use in the combo video...
--j.fierce > c.jab > SB > c.jab > c.jab > SB > s.jab > s.fierce

--SB from 1 dash away > dash > s.jab > s.jab > s.jab > s.fierce
so maybe you should try from 1/2-2/3 screen away SB > wiff knee > SB > dash > s.jab > s.jab > s.jab > s.fierce

There's something in SF4 that's getting on my nerves a bit. It's gief's stun animation. In this animation he wobbles back and forth. What I will do is dizzy gief then jump all the way to the other side of the screen and then throw a sonic, dash 2x, then jump. The sonic boom will hit just before my jump attack hits. But sometimes the sonic boom hits really early and then my jump attack won't combo. I figured it's because gief was in a certain point in his dizzy where the sprite is leaned forward, which causes the sonic boom to hit earlier. I've noticed similar things in gief's regular idle. I will stand just at the tip of my c.strong punch and they will wiff, but if I wait until gief is closer to me in his idle, the strong punch will connect. This is similar to 3S where attacks would wiff over crouching opponents sometimes because they go up and down in their crouching animations. Necro's s.strong would wiff/hit against people sometimes.

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