Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gouken Checklist

This is a list of things I need to try and do with Gouken when the console version comes out. This is just basic gameplay strats/patterns/etc. that I know my opponents will be using. I need to figure this stuff out as quickly as possible so I thought making a list will help me with this. So here it is...

Gouken Notes


-input the counter move during every ultra/super freeze screen. See what it beats. EX counter might work better?
-input the DP+P during every ultra/super. Will the EX one work better?
-input the HK or EX HK motion during every ultra/super. What will it beat. Does the regular HK have enough invincibility for this?
-input the super/ultra during your opponent's super/ultra. What supers/ultras will beat yours in this fashion?
-input air HK during supers/ultras. Which ones will let you escape?
-what applications will he have with instant air HK, or instant air EX HK
-does kara RH HK to EX HK do anything like ken's?
-does he have anyway to kara throw? kara focus, etc? probably not since he can throw > super/ultra
-can he do close fierce > cancel demon flip > dive > repeat kinda like akuma in 3S?
-can he crossup with air HK in anyway like ken/ryu can?
-can he 2-in-1 a jump-in before he lands to the HK?
-the video from CES showed gouken hitting sagat clean out of a tiger uppercut with some jumping high front kick.
it looked like ken/ryu's old school jumping vertical short. Play around with this move and see what you can beat in the air.
It reminds me of Rufus's awesome j.rh kick.
-Try and find any backwards links similar to balrog's s.rh > s.jab > rush combo.


-What's the best move to do when dhalsim teleports right next to you? s.jab or something stronger?
-Can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with the DP+P?
-Does the counter move hit his long limbs, which moves are good to hit? his s.fierce maybe?
-what beats his b+rh anti air and b+strong anti air? demon flip to the dive?
-any normal attack that you can throw out to beat his s.fierce?
-does air HK work well vs. dhalsim cause he floats in the air for so long?
-if dhalsim does jump back + fierce, can gouken hit him after this? what about if blocked?


-How do you punish a blocked headbutt?
-What knocks him out of butt drop in the air? does HK or EX HK? Counter move is probably great for this.
-His neutral jump fierce, can gouken hit this with anything?
-hundred hand slap, can the counter hit this?
-what beats his j.rh when you are on the ground?


-how do you punish blocked blanka ball? can you punish blocked EX blanka ball? can you punish if it hits?
-does the counter move punish rainbow roll crossup?
-can you use the counter move to hit his ultra?
-what's a good air to air attack against him?


-best way to beat crossup splash? counter move? EX HK? regular HK? EX DP+P the hell out of there?
-best combo after a blocked green hand and EX green hand
-does s.rh work well on him like ryu's does?
-is c.forward good on him, does c.forward even hit low like ryu's?
-does demon flip dive beat the lariet like akumas?
-what's the best jump in attack to try and beat the lariet?
-what's the best vertical jump attack to beat the lariet?
-best normal attack to beat c.forward poke?
-best normal to anti air gief if he jumps over FB?
-can you get out of the SPD, wiff jab green hand, SPD pattern? EX DP+P?


-what normal punishes a blocked hazan shu?
-best air to air normal to use on her?
-best way to counter her c.rh? sweep after blocking it?
-can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with the DP+P?
-can you input the counter move during super/ultra freeze?


-can you easily counter fullscreen SB's with DP+P? what about jab SB from fullscreen? How close does the SB need to be for you to pass through it?
-best jumpin to try and beat guile's c.fierce?
-best air-to-air attack to beat his j.strong/fierce
-does counter move work well after blocking a SB?
-gouken seems to have fast recovery on FB's, can he overwhelm guile in a FB fight like sagat?


-when crouching under a HK, what's the best counter?
-can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with DP+P?
-what's the best anti-air ground normal?
-best air-to-air attack vs. ryu?
-best combo to punish blocked HK's?
-does counter move hit max range blocked c.forward > FB?
-can you counter a blocked sweep from ryu? his sweep is really slow recovery


-when crouching under a HK, what's the best counter?
-can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with DP+P?
-what's the best anti-air ground normal?
-best air-to-air attack vs. ken?
-best combo to punish blocked HK's?
-does counter move hit max range blocked c.forward > FB?
-anyway to stop the f+mk, d+mk spam?


-does the counter move beat the SK even though it's 2-hits? EX counter move maybe?
-best normal to punish blocked scissor kicks? I saw what looked like a long range c.punch that looked like makoto's sweep punch
-after blocking his ultra, what's the best combo to do here?
-best air to air attack vs. bison? anything as good as guile's j.strong/fierce?
-does counter move beat devil's reverse?
-best normal to try and beat s.rh? gouken's own s.rh maybe?
-best way to beat his crossup attempts? counter move? EX HK?
-best anti-air normal attack to try and beat his jump in fierce? upward FB probably works well


-can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with DP+P? probably
-can anything punish blocked tiger knees? can the counter move punish the tiger knee?
-best jump in attack to try and beat s.rh? demon flip dive might work
-best ground normal attack to beat his jump in rh?
-can gouken stick out a crouch normal attack to make the 2nd hit of the TK wiff?


-can the DP+P beat fake wall dives on the other side of the screen?(hit him during recovery) upward FB might work here.
fierce palm works really well. So does an EX palm. Strong punch FB works some too, but you have to hit him with it when he's bouncing back from the dive. You can also kind of hit him when he flips forward.
-does the upward FB work good against wall dive in general?
fierce one is the only one that has a chance to hit his wall dive
-what's his best air-to-air attack to try and beat the walldive?
-what's his best ground normal to beat the walldive?
-best move/combo to hit the walldive once he's landed?
c.fierce > combo
-what's the best air-to-air attack to use against vega?
jump forward strong isn't too bad, but it's really hard to counter Vega's fierce in the air. Jump up+fierce seems to work really well too.
-best way to punish a blocked slide?
c.fierce > FB works pretty well
-can you spam the counter move while blocking the roll?
yes, if he does the jab/strong roll you can input a high counter just like you can input the FA
-best anti-air normal when he jumps at you with fierce?
It's hard, but c.fierce and c.forward are probably the best normals to anti-air. If Vega jumps from just outside c.short range, you can anti-air with close s.rh.
-counter move probably works well when he does c.jab > c.jab > c.strong
high counter works good cause of the hard timing on the c.jab to c.strong
-can any normal beat his c.strong?
nothing is really beating it. I've gotten s.fierce and s.rh to counter it a few times.


-is it safe to throw FB's and not worry about TAP? from what range?
about 3/4 screen away can be a safe range to throw FB's and still be able to jab him.
-best way to punish a blocked headbutt?
c.strong > jab palm
-best ground normal anti-air against his j.fierce/rh?
c.fierce and c.forward work if you are late on seeing the anti air. If you anticipate it, then you should be able to hit him with s.forward really easy.
-best air-to-air attack
-will need to find gouken's focus breaking attack against balrog's dashes
-what's a good normal to beat his c.rh?
if you're at the max range, s.rh is a good counter for it. If you block c.rh from close up, c.strong will hit him on recovery.
-best jump in to try and beat his c.fierce?
Not happening, his c.fierce is too good. The only thing you can do is demon flip then FA.


-can you counter with HK between the 1st and 2nd hit of the rekkas?
-can you punish a blocked crack shoot with anything? EX crack shoot?
-best way to counter his crossup attempts? counter move? EX HK?
-best ground normal to anti-air his j.forward
-best air to air normal?
-can the counter work between the c.short pressure string?


-can he punish blocked flame kick?
-can he use the counter move between her c.strong > qcb+jab
-best air to air normal against her?
-air HK will probably work well on her cause she jumps alot
-upward FB will probably be just as effective too
-does the DP+P punish her ground pound?
-does the counter move work on her flame kick crossup patterns? probably
-best ground normal for anit-air?
-can you anti-air her overhead with c.forward kick?
-best jump in attack vs. her? demon flip dive is probably good


-can you HK or EX HK the messiah kick mixup or does it trade?
-can you use the counter move on the messiah kick mixup?
-does the counter move work well vs. dive kick spam?
-best air-to-air normal vs. his j.rh kick? can the HK or EX HK beat this?
-can you anti-air his overhead with c.forward kick?
-can you punish a blocked c.fierce with DP+P?
-counter move will probably work well vs. ambiguous dive kick crossup games
-upward FB will be good if you anticipate viper strikes to get over your ground FB
-best ground normal to anti air him?
-if he jumps over a FB from fullscreen and does divekick, can you counter this like guile?(backfist)
-what normal attack beats his c.forward roll if you anticipate it?
-after a blocked spin he has no recovery and will try to do something to hit you try punish a blocked spin.
Input counter move here maybe?
-does the counter move beat EX messiah kick in the beginning frames? maybe EX HK?

El Fuerte

-does HK or EX HK beat the run+strong?
EX HK beats it, regular one has problems just like Ken/Ryu's DP. Neutral jump fierce seemed to be working really well to beat his run games. You might have to watch out for run+stop, DP+K though.
-does the counter move beat the run+strong?
Yes, but then there's the mind games with his runs
-can a wakeup DP+P beat run+strong, run+fierce, run back+fierce? what about EX DP+P? can gouken just DP mash and get out of this trap?
wakeup DP+P or EX DP+P won't get out of this at all, but what I've found is that the DP+P can make the run+strong run+fierce wiff right through me. Unfortunately the DP+P also wiffs through fuerte. The EX DP+P will make his run move wiff and then hit him with the 2nd hit though.
-if he runs to the back wall and jumps off, what's the best anti-air here? to his j.fierce
c.fierce and c.forward are the safest anti-airs here
-can you punish a blocked quesadilla bomb like guile?(backfist)
-best jump in to try and beat his DP+K or EX DP+K? can an EX HK beat this out?
-if you jump in and he tries to do ultra to get you when you land, can you HK during the freeze to get out? probably
Yes you can, and you also hit him out of the air too. It's pretty easy
-does the DP+P work if you use it when he starts running from far away?
yes, see above
-what's the best way to punish a blocked run+strong?
c.rh sweep
-fuerte's like to do overhead then jab jab jab. Can you counter move here?


-how do you get around his air FB spam? match it with your own upward FB? do the DP+P to go through the FB and hit him when he lands?
maybe the counter move will be good to use against an air FB if he jumps towards you and throws it cause you'll hit akuma as he lands.
-maybe demon flip towards akuma when he throws an air FB, then do the focus during the flip, land then kill him.
-if you both do demon flip, can you use the throw out of it? or do they have to be grounded for the throw to work?
-when crouching under a HK, what's the best counter?
-can you easily counter fullscreen FB's with DP+P? definately the red FB
-what's the best anti-air ground normal?
-best air-to-air attack vs. akuma?
-best combo to punish blocked HK's?
-does counter move hit max range blocked c.forward > FB?
-if you know he's going to do s.rh, what do you do as gouken?
-best way to beat his crossups?


-can you punish a blocked RH HK?
it's very hard but you can do c.strong/c.forward
-can you punish a blocked EX HK?
no, this this is buff
-can you punish a blocked s.rh? can you try and counter it?
I haven't been able to punish a blocked one. I cant counter it with any of his normals either
-can you punish a blocked c.rh sweep?
from up close you can punish with c.rh or c.strong. If she wiffs the c.rh, you can counter with a s.rh when she recovers.