Friday, November 21, 2008

Counter Hit Focus Attack

The CPU Blanka was charging up his lvl3 FA. I was just mashing on Guile's far s.fierce. My s.fierce traded with Blanka's FA and caused me to crumple over and knock blanka out of his FA animation. Normally you have to dash cancel this. After he got knocked out, he jumped in with rh kick and hit me during the crumple for a 2-hit combo. Normally you cant combo a jump attack after a FA.

Looks like combo video material to me. So here's the idea...

Lvl3 FA(trade) > j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > Lvl2 FA > dash > f+rh > c.strong > SB > backfist (537dmg/845 stun) <--not quite enough to stun akuma

Lvl2 FA > df+rh is harder to do for some reason than Lvl3 FA > df+rh

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bright Idea

Maybe guile can c.forward > f+strong chain but kara cancel the f+strong into a special/super/whatever.

Guile can do s.jab(close) > s.jab > s.fierce(far) > s.fierce(far) to gief after green hand

random combos to try

FA > backbreaker
this only works with guile's backbreaker, not his other air throw. Very strange that this works.
See what other cool stuff you can do off the anti-air FA

from fullscreen SB > dash 3x > f+rh > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > super > ultra

c.jab(ch) > s.fierce(far) > super

c.strong(ch) > c.strong > SB > FADC > ?

lvl3 FA > airthrow <--try doing the super low airthrow first. Add this to the 2nd FA in a combo

j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > FADC > df+rh > EX FK > ultra?

FA in the corner > dash back > SB > wiff knee?

early anti-air FK > ultra

trade FK > EX SB or EX FK

trade anti-air EX SB > EX SB or EX FK ?

close rh(ch) > s.jab > s.fierce?
close fierce(ch) > far s.fierce > far s.fierce (you can only do 2 fierces)
far s.fierce(ch) > c.rh or backfist or bazooka knee (i got knee bazooka to combo)
close jab(ch) > close rh or c.rh (doesn't work)
close f+rh(ch) > anything (yeah, this works. Need to figure out what I want to do)
f+strong(ch) > close jab (couldn't get it to work, it should work in theory)

So I tested out c.jab > s.jab(close) > s.fierce(far) > s.fierce(far) on everyone this evening. It's an awesome combo. Here's the characters you can do it on...
chun li
guile(on crossup)
vega(on crossup)
balrog(on crossup)
blanka(on crossup)

I couldn't get it to work on the shotos and viper cause of their small sprites. I'm having trouble getting it to work on fuerte/honda because their sprite is wierd. Guile can actually do c.jab > s.jab(close) > s.fierce(close). Guile doesn't get push as far away on these characters during the combo it seems. It's really because you can stand closer to these characters than the others. I noticed on fuerte/honda/bison that you could stand really close to them. So on these three characters, guile should be able to do things like c.jab > s.jab > s.fierce > SB > backfist

here's 2 silly combos that I might use in the combo video...
--j.fierce > c.jab > SB > c.jab > c.jab > SB > s.jab > s.fierce

--SB from 1 dash away > dash > s.jab > s.jab > s.jab > s.fierce
so maybe you should try from 1/2-2/3 screen away SB > wiff knee > SB > dash > s.jab > s.jab > s.jab > s.fierce

There's something in SF4 that's getting on my nerves a bit. It's gief's stun animation. In this animation he wobbles back and forth. What I will do is dizzy gief then jump all the way to the other side of the screen and then throw a sonic, dash 2x, then jump. The sonic boom will hit just before my jump attack hits. But sometimes the sonic boom hits really early and then my jump attack won't combo. I figured it's because gief was in a certain point in his dizzy where the sprite is leaned forward, which causes the sonic boom to hit earlier. I've noticed similar things in gief's regular idle. I will stand just at the tip of my c.strong punch and they will wiff, but if I wait until gief is closer to me in his idle, the strong punch will connect. This is similar to 3S where attacks would wiff over crouching opponents sometimes because they go up and down in their crouching animations. Necro's s.strong would wiff/hit against people sometimes.

Rufus Knowledge

Here's some interesting things that will help you beat Rufus. Rufus players love to use the messiah kick especially the EX version cause of it's invincibility. After the messiah kick, Rufus has a mixup game by pressing short/forward/rh(DP/low/high). After a messiah kick, if rufus thinks you're going to counter the followup with a DP, he will press short kick for his own "DP" and it will trade with yours. If you try to counter his forward/rh followup with a DP you will win. But the problem is his short kick followup will trade. So how do you beat all 3 followups to the messiah kick?

Here's the secret. If he does an EX messiah kick, block the initial hit then immediately hold uf(or up). If he does the short kick followup, it will autoblock even though you were holding uf. If he does the forward/rh followup, you will jump over this followup, allowing you to punish him when you land. So you might think, cool I can counter the regular messiah kick with the same technique. You would be wrong. If he does a regular messiah kick then does the short kick followup, he will hit you when you jump uf. You won't autoblock the short kick followup. So if he does a regular messiah kick, just block the initial kick, then EX DP his followup. An EX DP will beat all 3 followups. A regular DP will beat his forward/rh followup and trade hits with the short followup.

Now what if the Rufus player doesn't do any followup and just blocks? Your DP will still hit him because the short/forward/rh messiah kicks have -9/-12/-6 frame advantage on block.

So all you have to remember is EX messiah kick = hold uf and regular messiah kick = EX DP.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So continuing to figure out what is mashable, I decided to see if you can mash DP through any of the supers/ultras. This is if you didn't mash hard enough during the super/ultra freeze screen, you still have a chance to mash so you don't take block damage. Here's the list of ones that you can counter...

Ken - in between the 1st and 2nd DP on his super
Guile - in between the FK's on both his super and ultra
Blanka - block the first low hit, then mash DP before blanka goes high
Sagat - if the super or ultra flys over your head, mash DP
Balrog - before the last hit of his ultra mash. Block 4 punches, then mash
Viper - before the last flame kick in her super, after the first hit in her ultra
Rufus - after the first hit in his super

I also figured out some interesting techniques to super cancel Guile's FK. When I'm on the right side I always do it as db, uf+k, db, uf+k. Because of the way I hold the joystick, this is hard for me to do when I'm on the left side. So here's the trick for the left side. I charge db, then go to ub+k, then roll the stick ub, u, uf, f, df, d, db, b, ub+k. Essentially, I'm doing that SPD clockwise spin of the joystick while mashing kick. This seems to be working really well for me but I will need to do some more testing to find the best method. This "spin" method for super canceling the FK doesn't work very good for me when I'm on the right side because I have a very hard time spinning the joystick counter clockwise really fast.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peculiar stuff

I was testing out pressure strings with Guile vs. everyone in the game. I wanted to see what everyone's hitbox was like. While testing this I found 2 very wierd things vs. Dhalsim and Abel. If you corner Abel, then dash from point blank range and do c.jab > c.jab > s.strong everything will connect(be blocked). But if you FA from point blank range, then dash in and do c.jab > c.jab > s.strong the s.strong will wiff. I noticed after I dashed in after a FA, I wasn't as close to Abel as when I just did a normal dash.

I tried the same thing with Dhalsim and the opposite occurred! If you do a normal dash from point blank and do c.jab > c.jab > s.strong the s.strong will wiff. If you do a FA from point blank then dash and do c.jab > c.jab > s.strong everything will connect. It seemed after a FA dash I was REALLY close do Dhalsim. It looks like I can probably add 1 more hit to my combos after this type of dash.

I also notice that CViper's hitbox is cheap. Against everyone in the game you can pressure with this combo in the corner c.forward > f+strong > s.fierce.....EXCEPT VIPER! The s.fierce will wiff. Cheap! :)

Guile combo video

Just reminders of things I need to test for the video

1)j.fierce > s.fierce > SB> backfist (344d/620s)
2)crossup short > c.short > c.jab > c.strong > FK (229d/330s)
3)crossup short > c.jab > s.jab(close) > s.fierce > s.fierce (232d/270s)
4)j.fierce > s.fierce > FK (348d/560s)
5)SB > wiff knee > SB > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > backfist (282d/500s)
6)lvl3 FA > b+rh > c.strong > SB > FADC > s.fierce > s.fierce (483d/770s)
7)lvl3 FA(trade) > j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > lvl2 FA > b+rh > c.strong > SB > backfist (537d/845s)
8)lvl3 FA(trade) > j.fierce > s.fierce > SB > s.fierce > s.fierce (503d/815s)

11/30/08 EDIT
according to frame data guile should be able to do c.short x4 > super

11/28/08 EDIT
see if you can juggle SB's from far away instead of trade anti-air SB > EX SB. Maybe put a super/ultra in there somewhere

11/19/08 EDIT
--from fullscreen throw a jab SB > dash 3x > charge up lvl2 FA while SB hits > lvl2 FA hits > proceed to combo

--lvl3 FA > f+rh > close fierce > SB > FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB >FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > FK (780 scaled stun)

--lvl3 FA > f+rh > c.strong > EX SB > lvl2 FA > f+rh > c.strong > SB > c.rh (795 scaled stun) <--this works, unfortunately it doesn't stun Akuma

--midscreen combo
lvl2/3 FA > dash > f+rh > c.strong > SB > FADC > s.fierce > s.fierce <--this works

--j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > lvl2 FA > f+rh > c.strong > SB > c.rh (775 scaled stun) <--this works

--SB > j.fierce > s.fierce > EX SB > lvl2 FA > f+rh > c.strong > SB > c.rh (750 scaled stun) <--this works

--have opponent throw FB, dash to the other side of the level, opponent goes over/under you. You do j.fierce > s.fierce > opponent's FB hits you > s.fierce > EX SB > lvl2 FA > f+rh > c.strong > SB > backfist (850 scaled stun)

11/18/08 EDIT

See if you can get SB > SB > SB as the first 3 hits in a combo

from full screen throw a SB > FADC > dash 2-3x > 1st SB hits > SB > wiff knee > SB
you might have to knock the opponent down so they wake up onto the first SB(sweep)

11/11/08 EDIT

--I think I know how the japanese guile's are doing c.jab > c.jab > c.jab > FK so easy. I do c.jab > c.jab > then kara strong~jab~u+short.

--F+fierce is +4 advantage on hit. Can guile do c.jab after it? On counter hit, he should be able to do far s.fierce.

--close s.fierce is +4 advantage on hit. Can guile do c.jab after it too?

--his far s.rh is +3 advantage on hit. He should be able to link c.jab on counter hit.

--from full screen, SB > FADC > dash 3x > jump crossover short > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB hits from behind > ultra or...

--from full screen, SB > FADC > dash 3x > jump crossover rh > df+rh > SB hits from behind > df+rh > EX FK

--meaty SB > wiff knee > SB > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > FADC > c.jab > c.jab > c.strong > SB > c.rh (15-hits) <--this works