Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Working on frame data for SRK wiki

Going insane typing in all these numbers, but I think it will be worth it.

I am trying to remember the unusal things I've discovered while going through all the frame data numbers. Some off the top of my head....

-vega's super to the grab has a throw range of 0.8(smaller than normal) but I seem to grab from HELLA far away.

-blanka's s.rh has a startup of 3 frames :lol:

You need to go back through the list and make it look better and get some people to translate the kanji(especially all of vega's). Make sure to double check if there's a curved bracket or squared brackets. If there's a dot after a number, make it an asterisk. Right now you've put it as a "/"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Strange Occurrences with Abel

I think I've seen this happen about three times now while fighting Abel. Last night I had Abel cornered and I just finished hitting him with a crazy combo. As he was recovering from this combo, I tried to hit him with Guile's super FK. I messed up the motion for the super and got a jump back+short kick. I only got a couple frames of the jumping short to come out before I went into this flip out animation. It almost looked like Abel tried to hit me with something during this. I didn't take any damage or anything cause I noticed I was still sitting at full life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reminder for things to test

11/10/08 EDIT:

I'm seeing these places where it looks like you can reversal uppercut between specials/supers/ultras. Test this out with Vega's roll first. Try Guile's super next cause it has around 9-19 frames between the 2 flashkicks where you can hit him.

11/10/08 EDIT:
I just finished testing out Vega's roll. The jab/strong versions suck ass, you can DP him or Focus Attack him between the hits of the roll. Only the fierce one is safe to this technique.

Someone told me to test if Guile can kara air throw.

I also need to test if Guile can FK then FADC, then ultra.

Can Guile do FK > FADC > df+rh > EX FK?

Can Akuma do s.rh > c.strong > c.forward > FB > FADC > s.rh > c.strong > c.forward > FB > FADC > s.rh > c.jab > short HK > fierce DP

Or can Akuma do s.rh > c.strong > c.forward > FB > FADC > s.rh > c.strong > short HK > fierce DP > FADC > ultra
look at 1:40 what sagat does to those tiger shots. Looks like something good to learn